Manufacture: Istinskij mashinostroitelnyj zavod, ZAO, Russia, ALL.BIZ: Russia
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Istinskij mashinostroitelnyj zavod, ZAO
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Manufacture Istinskij mashinostroitelnyj zavod, ZAO

Today, the Istinsky Machine-Building Plant produces a wide range of track equipment for repair and maintenance of the railway track for general and industrial purposes, spare parts and attachments, as well as carries out overhaul of track machines, starting from PRM, PRM-5PM, PPRM, MPRP, MSShU-4 , ISShU-5, MPRU and MPL.


    Since 2009, a fundamentally new MPRU Universal Tracking Machine with the EURO-3 ecological class engine, hydraulic ship, electronic control, unique characteristics and operations performed in the model range of the enterprise appeared. Its economic benefit during operation is that it is not necessary to stop and change attachments to perform such tasks as: raising and straightening the track, replacing sleepers and knocking down sleepers (ballast compaction). Now everything with her and the trailed biaxial trolley is also an enviable potential in the decision to upgrade the railways! And just one, two, three! And four - the work is done!


    The company is constantly working to improve the design of long-running track machines PPRM, MPRP, IMSHU-4, IMSHU-5. Upgrades are not only the externally visible parts of the cab, hoods, but also hydraulic drive schemes, transmission, controls. And the well-proven Trailed Stacking Module MPL received a more powerful EURO 3 engine with disengaged clutch and electronic control. The design is being improved, now the Lining blocks are equipped with more powerful hydraulic motors and a new suspension has been created.


    Using the means of computer-aided design and preparation of production, the design team of EastMZ significantly advanced in the development of new equipment and the introduction of advanced technologies in accordance with international experience and the wishes of our customers.


    Today, the Istinsky Machine-Building Plant focuses production potential on the creation of New Russian Track Machines that meet modern standards and trends in railway engineering. We value our customer and respect his interests!


    EastMZ produced over 4,000 units of track equipment; only the production of PX-type ski lifts amounted to 1,000 cars.



manufacture Istinskij mashinostroitelnyj zavod, ZAO Russia, ALL.BIZ: Russia