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Istinskij mashinostroitelnyj zavod, ZAO
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History of Enterprise Istinskij mashinostroitelnyj zavod, ZAO

The Issinsky plant has been associated with the railway industry for a long time, since the second half of the XIX century. In August 1713, Moscow merchants by rail - Railway Plant.


In 1773, the enterprise was transferred to the rich landowner Pyotr Kirillovich Khlebnikov.


In December 1871, the plants were owned by the court adviser Christian Khristianovich Meyen (1832 - 1876) [8], since 1874 they were disposed of by the Joint-Stock Company of Russian Rail Production. The profile of production - it was products for railway transport: rails, arrows, wagon wheels. Production expanded slightly.


In 1897, the “Society of Russian Rail Production” was transformed into the “Society of Metallurgical and Mechanical Plants”, which significantly increased capital and reduced production to 417 thousand rubles, annual turnover. After the October Revolution of 1917, the plant resumed work - now it has been nationalized. In 1929, the plant was nationalized and received the name State Istinsky Mechanical Plant "Engine".


In June 1941, the time of testing for the whole country will come, and all collectives and plants will be engaged in the defense of the Fatherland and have completed a mobilization order for the production of grenade and aviation cases. In 1953, a revival of production began for the railway industry.


In 1961, the plant was connected to the MOSENERGO state system. In 1964, the ¬ Istinsky Machine Plant produced an experimental batch of TU6 diesel locomotives - six units, and in 1967 - two more. 1968 was a turning point in the fate of the enterprise. The Istinsky machine-building plant was entrusted with the development of the production of track machines. Initially, the MPTS-1 motor-mounted elevator was the track machine launched in Istye. In 1969, in 1971, enterprises were opened with an open team. Chelyabinsk built prototypes of MPShU-3 track machines and PRM-1 lifting and leveling machine for coal opencasts, opening up a series of modifications of PFP track machines. And in 1974 the production of narrow-gauge diesel locomotives was discontinued, the plant completely switched to the production of track machines.


In 2002, universal track machines for changing sleepers MSSHU-5 were produced.


Currently, in the IRZN there is a wide range of track and repair general purpose machines, spare parts and external equipment. , ISShU-5, MPRU and MPL.



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